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About this item FREE UPGRADE TO BUSINESS SEAT: Airplane footrest is international travel must-haves for toddlers and infants. If you are flying with kids, portable toddler bed is ideal for travel; airplane seat extender for kids is like an airplane foot hammock, allowing them to stretch their leg rest, and relax. In addition to providing a comfortable foot rest for airplane travel, it also acts as a seat cover and bed for kids. With the airplane kids bed, can convert an economy seat to a business seat for free. COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: The airplane foot rest materials are durable; this travel seat cushion for airplane was made of 95% cotton, like a breathable and comfortable airplane bed for toddler. The plane foot rest is lightweight, weighing only 0.5pounds (8.1ounces), and the compressed size is only 7*6.3*0.5 inches. It folds so small and will fit easily in a carry-on bag, like a portable bed for kids. An accessible and valuable baby airplane travel accessories for toddlers! QUICK & QUIET TO USE:One side attaches to the rear seat, and the other hangs to the front seat tray, like a plane foot hammock, were able to turn the middle seat into a very comfortable toddler airplane bed to lie flat and sleep. This portable toddler bed for travel makes traveling with kids easier and more convenient. Kids travel bed can easily be removed and worked flawlessly. No blowing up or tricky assembly. It was quick and quiet to put up and down, giving access to the under-seat storage. TRAVELING WITH TODDLERS MUST HAVES: Travel foot rest for airplane flights helped the kids sleep, and you didn’t have to hold them. Helped while kids were awake; it is a leg rest for airplane travel. Kids airplane bed not only keeps baby sleeping in the travel toddler bed, but it keeps baby toys, books, food, water bottle, and lovey from constantly falling on the floor. It is a great travel accessories for airplane travel with toddler must haves. NOTICE: Airplane toddler bed is designed to hold the weight of a kid’s legs and is intended for use as toddler airplane seat extender/airplane leg rest only; the chair would support the body. Should only install toddler plane bed once the plane has reached cruising altitude. Foot rest airplane relies on seat’s tray table in front, so it can”t be used in a position not have seat’s tray. Kids airplane bed is available to use on most flights.Ability to use remains at the discretion of any flight. ›See more product details