Dttery 3 Foam & Felt Filters Kit Replacement for Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum NV350, NV351, NV352, NV355, NV356, NV356E, NV357, NV360, NV370, NV391, UV440, UV490, UV540 Part XFF350


About this item 3 Pre-filter (foam & felt) kit, replacement for Shark model # XFF350 Fits Shark Navigator Lift Away Professional Upright Vacuum NV356E NV352 Fits Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe Upright Vacuum NV360 Compatible Shark Navigator Lift Away models ZU503AMZ NV345C NV350 NV350_26 NV350A_26 NV350C_26 NV350E NV350Q NV350T NV350W NV350W_N NV350WC NV351 NV351C NV351WM2 NV352 NV352C NV352CFS NV352E NV352Q NV354C NV355 NV355C NV355CFS NV356E NV356K NV356Q NV357 NV358 NV360 NV360K NV361BK NV361PR NV370 NV370_26 NV380 NV391 NV391C UV440 UV440CCO UV440CCOFS UV490CCO UV500WM UV540 UV541CCO UV550 ATTENTION: The felt filter is smaller and thinner, it is packed in inner packaging bag along with the foam filter. Please check, the filters will appear after opening the inner packaging bags ›See more product details