SkyTech Millivolt Wireless On/Off with Thermostat Remote and Receiver – 1001TH-A


Skytech Millivolt Wireless On/Off With Thermostat Remote And Receiver – 1001TH-A. With the click of a button, you can control your gas logs from the comfort of your chair using a Skytech remote. This wireless remote and receiver can be used with a millivolt safety pilot valve or electronic spark ignition for conveniently turning the unit on or off or using the thermostat feature to maintain a specified temperature. You can program the thermostat with the remote that also features an LCD screen displaying the room temperature, a flame icon to let you know the unit is on and a low battery indicator. The battery operated receiver uses a radio frequency signal (within a 20 foot range) to communicate with the remote and has a 3-position slide switch for selecting on, remote or off. You can mount the receiver on the wall or on the fireplace hearth. The receiver uses one of 1,048,576 security codes and also has a learn function and snap on wall plate. In addition, the receiver will learn up to two more Skytech remotes. Thermostat controls are intended for use with heating appliances such as vent-free gas log sets, direct vent fireplaces, etc. And are not for use with non-vented gas log sets.