Tineco A10 / A11 / S11 / PWRHERO11 Snap Replacement Filter Kit, 2 pre filters and 1 HEPA filter, for A10 Hero, A10 Series, A11 Hero, A11 Series, PURE ONE S11, S11 Series, S15 Series


About this item Attention: Version is updated but does not affect performance, and it is shipped randomly. Kit includes 2 microfiber pre filters and 1 HEPA filter. Compatible with Tineco A10 / A11 / S11 / PWRHERO11 Snap Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. Please replace or clean your filters regularly for optimal performance. Pre filter is rinsable, but Tineco patented Pre Filter Cleaning Tool is highly recommended, which can help prevent loss of suction. The HEPA filter can be washed under running water and must be completely dry before reinstalling. Please replace the pre filter every 3-4 months, HEPA filter every 6 months for continuous cleaning performance ›See more product details