Toddler Baby Head Protection & Baby Knee Pads for Crawling and Walking (Pink Butterfly)


HEAD AND BACK PROTECTION: Baby head and back protection pad filled with thick, high-quality PP cotton, resilient, effective in relieving the impact of a baby’s fall, protecting the baby’s head and back, reducing baby injuries SOFT AND SKIN-FRIENDLY: The head of the baby head protector is concave in design, and the surface is 3D mesh, very breathable without rubbing the back of the baby’s head.It is both a toddler head protector anti-drop pad and a sleep pillow for babies ANTI-SLIP DESIGN: Baby knee pads protect baby’s knees from bruising while crawling, silicone anti-slip allows baby to avoid slipping while crawling, good elasticity does not squeeze the child’s legs, suitable for boys and girls ADJUSTABLE SHOULDER STRAPS: Upgraded horizontal reinforced elastic straps, adjustable straps according to the size of the baby, will not strangle the baby’s arms, so that the baby in crawling, toddler more comfortable. Lovely angel shape, can be used as a plush toy for the baby EXTRA LIGHT AND BREATHABLE: Cute angel head protector pads and 2 pairs of fashionable baby knee pads, one of the children’s favorite gifts, soft and breathable material, super light and weightless, suitable for spring, summer, autumn and winter, no need to worry about the baby will feel stuffy ›See more product details